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The perfect dress, the one you've fantasized about since you were a little girl. And it's everything you envisioned - layers and layers of exquisite fabric in a sophisticated style that flatters your figure. On your wedding day, you'll walk down the aisle looking absolutely radiant.

You've invested so much of your heart, time and money in your wedding dress, and you want it to last forever. Your local dry cleaner can help by cleaning and preserving your gown after the Big Day, right? Not exactly. A treasure this special should be handled by experts in dress conservation who will protect it properly so that a bride who wears it in the future (your sister, niece, or daughter) will look as beautiful in it as you did. At J. Scheer & Co. we have created a method of fine apparel preservation that uses techniques we have developed during years of work with museum professionals. We combine this knowledge with over 50 years of professional garment-care experience to ensure your wedding gown receives the same detailed attention we give to exhibition couture and museum dress collections.

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Martha Stewart trusts owner and president Jonathan Scheer as the expert on wedding dress conservation and preservation.

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