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Taking proper care of couture - modern or vintage - safeguards its beauty and value. Neighborhood dry cleaners rarely possess the expertise and training that couture preservation demands. Each piece of your collection deserves the very best care to insure its longest life. This is true whether you wear it once each week, once every season or once in a lifetime.

At J. Scheer & Co., our knowledge of collection care is strengthened by our appreciation for the history of couture design. We combine 50 years of professional cleaning experience with ongoing training in new techniques and special expertise in preservation. We recognize that every item in each collection is unique and that each piece requires careful scrutiny. We work regularly with costume conservators, restorers, and museum professionals. Our knowledge of their standards is always reflected in the methodology we use to care for your clothes. Our respect for the delicacy of fine fabric, for the art of design, and for the craftsmanship of construction ensure that your garments will receive the best, most appropriate care.

special garments have special needs

Our fine apparel preservation begins with a complete examination and documentation of your garment. We get to know it inside and out. We take measurements and analyze fibers, structures, and dyes. This is important because different fibers and fabric finishes need different treatments. Silk and rayon faille may look similar, but they react distinctly to water and organic solvents. Cottons may be finished with any number of starches to achieve a special look and texture. Linings and interlinings can shrink at different rates.

We also assess any damage that has occurred. We are thorough about identifying the chemical composition of stains; each often requires special treatment. We find even the smallest rips and tears. And we are careful to identify the composition of non-fabric components such as buttons, zippers, beads, and trim. We know that plastic buttons may melt, sequins dissolve, or beads explode if they are handled improperly. Our Condition Report records this information so we can use it to determine the best treatment for your dress. We will inform you before we carry out any procedure where the outcome may be uncertain. Attention to detail makes our process the most informative and reliable source in the industry.

different fabrics require different techniques

The Condition Report guides us to the best cleaning solutions, and we act on those findings. Although dry cleaning is an appropriate method for some textiles, it can be harmful to others. In-depth testing allows us to make informed choices. Our laboratory incorporates a full range of cleaning technologies and is equipped with both aqueous and organic solvent cleaning systems. These have been designed to accommodate the special needs of fragile and on-of-a-kind pieces. We can treat both synthetic and natural fabrics safely. Our highly skilled technicians are expert in the art of stain removal. We know which solvents can be harmful to buttons, beadwork, and other ornamentation, and how to avoid dye loss or bleeding. We understand how heat might adversely affect certain trimmings or fibers.

it's more than just cleaning

But fine apparel preservation isn't only cleaning. We return your dress to you in the best condition possible. This includes having insect-damaged fabric rewoven if necessary and restitching open seams or loose embellishments. We hand-press your garment so that it looks exactly as it should.

Packing and storage are also essential elements of fine apparel preservation. We use the same materials for you that we use for our museum customers. Your garment is returned in a special box, carefully supported with archival-quality acid-free tissue and folded for long-term storage. These boxes, which are inert and chemically stable, meet the most rigorous conservation-quality standards. They protect your apparel from common sources of accidental damage such as excessive light, unexpected floods, insects, or compacting. We can also arrange to provide hangers, custom-designed for the greatest protection to your garment. We maintain records of all our work for your future needs. When you entrust your finest garments to J. Scheer & Co., you are assured of the best and safest treatment. We are so sure you are purchasing the finest care that we guarantee our service against defects and workmanship for 50 years. We understand couture and offer the expert handling that will ensure its continued enjoyment.