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    August 2014

    August 2014

    How to Care for Your Clothes

    For extra special garments - wedding gowns, family heirlooms - I will never go anywhere but J. Scheer & Co. in New York. Jonathan, the owner, is my fairy godfather.

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  • women's health
    February 2014

    The Best Way to Deal with Food Stains

    While pretty much everyone can relate to getting a food stain when you're wearing something white, most of us don't have three backup dresses waiting nearby. So what should you do if your lovely meal is interrupted by a nasty spot?

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  • new york times
    April 2013

    Caring for a Special Member of the Family

    Basement, attic or back of closet: those three storage options, though commonly chosen, are not the best for brides hoping to save their wedding gown for the next generation.

    But if the dress is properly cleaned and stored, a bridal gown won't be a ragged, faded remnant of its past glory when unwrapped years later.

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  • oprah magazine
    October 2012

    Ask a Pro

    Q: How do I lift a wine stain, stat?

    A: Blot the spill, then place a white cotton towel beneath the stained area. Apply a mixture of five parts warm water and one part enzyme laundry detergent. Tamp with a second towel until the stain disappears.

  • c weddings
    Fall 2012

    Heirloom How-To

    Having preserved museum-worthy gowns for brides and couture designers (Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta among them), President and CEO Jonathan Scheer (of J. Scheer & Co.) shares some dress-saving tips: * Cleaning the gown is only one aspect of the preservation process; use safe wrapping and storage materials. * Avoid wearing self-tanners, perfumes and deodorants to prevent irreversible staining. * Never store a dress in a sealed garment bag or dry-cleaning plastic, for natural fibers can be damaged by gasses emitted from the plastic; instead, look for cotton muslin.

  • serendipity
    Spring/Summer 2012

    Preserving Your Wedding Dress

    Q: Can I send my gown to a local dry cleaner?

    A: While it is okay to send your regular clothing to your local dry cleaners, you wedding gown is a couture garment that should be treated by a company specializing in the art of conservation. Companies like J. Scheer & Co. have been providing museum quality preservation. Unlike a commercial dry cleaner, they do not take generic, "in-use" clothing. They work exclusively with museum professionals, collectors of ceremonial gowns and vintage and modern couture, gown designers and couture salons. A professional who is trained in the art of conservation will examine your gown, determine the best treatment plan, and gently clean it by hand with all organic solvents. Also included in their services are hand ironing, repairs to the garment and museum quality preservation.

    In addition, professional gown preservation companies work with so many designers directly, they are asked to clean their couture pieces after runway shows and trunk shows. For instance, J. Sheer & Co. is recommended by Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Amsale, Carolina Herrera, and many others. Mostly likely, they have already cleaned your style gown and pre-tested the fabrics and embellishments.

  • weddings new york
    winter 2008

    Gown Cleaners

    Trained in textile science, owner Jonathan Scheer is a master at fabric preservation. He subjects what passes through his doors to a battery of tests to determine how best to clean it. Free pickup, delivery, and shipping.

  • martha stewart weddings
    fall 2007

    Ask Martha

    Q: How can I find someone to clean and preserve my gown?

    A: ....."Anyone who gives you a precise cost over the phone before examining the dress is someone to be wary of, since each dress has its own unique problems," says Jonathan Scheer, founder and president of J. Scheer & Company, a firm specializing in the care of wedding gowns.....

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  • dweddings
    spring 2006

    Wedding Gown Care

    Leading textile preservationist Jonathan Scheer of New York's J. Scheer and Co. is recommended by gown designers Amsale, Monique Lhuillier, and Peter Langner. His staff has handled the cleaning and preservation of the Stella McCartney-designed gown worn by Madonna, Sandra Bullock's Angel Sanchez design, and Mariska Hargitay's Carolina Herrera confection.

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  • new york weddings
    spring 2006

    How to dismantle the party of a lifetime

    The dress whether you want to save your gown or sell it, you'll want it white again. Get the dress to cleaning experts as soon as you can so stains don't set and never ever try to treat a spot yourself. J.Scheer & Co., the gown preservationist to Madonna and Sandra Bullock, will pick up your dress in Manhattan or provide free shipping nationally. If you schedule a pickup more than a month in advance, you'll get $50 off.

  • Allure
    November 2004

    How to Erase Clothing Stains

    "Pharmacies are open all the time. Dry cleaners aren't. And if you spill a glass of Merlot on your Marc Jacobs dress on a Saturday night, you shouldn't wait to take care of the matter..."

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  • New York Weddings
    Spring 2004

    J. Scheer & Co.:

    Nothing says tradition like wearing Grandma's Wedding dress, and J. Scheer can restore it to its original glory--or even re-style it into a formal evening gown. (Don't worry; She'd approve.)

  • New York Weddings
    Spring 2003

    Gown Cleaners

    Trained in textile science, owner Jonathan Scheer is a master at fabric preservation. He subjects what passes through his doors to a battery of tests to determine how best to clean it. Free pickup and delivery or complimentary shipping

  • Smart Money
    March 2003

    Ten Things Your Dry Cleaner Won't Tell You

    Your daughter is going down the aisle soon? Watch out. Jonathan Scheer, a gown preservationist in New York City, says too often clients ask him to restore wedding dresses that have been damaged when dry-cleaned. A bride's best move, Scheer says, (besides calling his company) is to thoroughly research the cleaner she uses and have a "low tolerance for risk, because the danger is, the dress will be ruined.

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  • Martha Stewart Weddings
    Fall 2002

    Storing your dress

    "... Before storing your gown, have it dry-cleaned, even if it doesn't look dirty. Invisible stains from white wine, perspiration, and oils from skin can cause permanent discoloration over time. Cleaning a wedding gown can cost hundreds of dollars; the price depends largely on the construction and trimmings of the gown. Unless you have spilled red wine over your dress, you don't have to rush to the dry cleaners the morning after your wedding-but don't wait too long. One good source that works by mail is J. Scheer & Co.."

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  • InStyle
    Spring 2002

    "A wedding dress may be the one item most brides keep forever. Luckily, there are several ways to treasure yours for years to come. Most dry cleaners offer a preservation service: Make sure yours wraps dresses in acid-free tissue, then folds them into a quality archival box. J. Scheer & Co., fine apparel preservationists, specializes in wedding gown preservation, and even includes gloves so you can safely take the dress out to show it off - or even have your future daughter try it on..."

  • Martha Stewart Weddings
    Special Issue, Spring 2001

    Wearing A Vintage Gown

    "Cleaning historic textiles is much different than cleaning contemporary textiles. Conventional cleaning may be too aggressive for an antique gown," says Jonathan Scheer, president of J. Scheer & Co., specialists in cleaning and restoring wedding gowns with facilities in New York City and Rhinebeck, New York..."

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  • Wedding Dresses Magazine
    Fall/Winter 2000

    WD's News - Gown Preservation

    "...J. Scheer & Co. specializes in fine couture preservation. They believe that a wedding dress should remain a timeless treasure, a token and momento of the bride's special day. They are able to care for the finest and most delicate of fabrics. Many local drycleaners advertise that they clean wedding dresses. How many times have you entrusted them and they let you down? J. Scheer & Co. appreciates the art of design, ethereal fine fabrics, and vows that your garments will receive the premium individual care that they require. They offer complimentary pick up and delivery throughout Manhattan, and complimentary nationwide and international shipping..."

  • Real Simple
    September 2000

    The Good Closet

    "...Empty the pockets of all the clothes you're going to to be putting away until next Spring, The launder or dryclean everything. Yes, even if you've only worn it once. You'll avoid stains that set before you next wear your clothes, including invisible ones from perpiration, perfume and beverages (like white wine). "Stains become a food source for carpet beetles and moths," says Jonathan Scheer, president of J. Scheer & Co., a New York textile preservationist. "These bugs will eat through the fabric to get to the food." That's also why you should avoid starching clothes before putting them away: The starch not only feeds bugs, it can also weaken the fabric, leading to brittleness, and, in a humid enironment, it can lead to permanent stains..."

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  • Harper's Bazaar
    February 2000

    Fact File

    "...J. Scheer & Co. (561 Broadway, New York, NY; (800) 448-7291) is where Sotheby's sends delicate textiles for specialized cleaning..."

  • Wedding Bells Magazine
    Spring/Summer 2000

    "...Don't just hang your gown in the closet where it will be vulnerable to dust, bacteria, moisture, light, moths, and other culprits, and can be misshapen by the hanger and by its own weight. To keep the gown looking as beautiful as possible over the years, you should have it treated professionally. One option is to use a service such as J. Scheer & Co., which offers a door-to-door cleaning-and-preservation service, including nationwide shipping, preliminary inspection, cleaning and repairs, and return of the dress in a special long-term storage box..."

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  • Martha Stewart Weddings
    Winter 2000

    Choosing a Fragrance

    "...Perfumed products can damage fabrics, especially the fine silks and satins that most wedding gowns are made of, so be careful not to get any on your dress. "Fragrances are alcohol based, and alcohol leaves a residue even though it evaporates quickly," says Jonathan Scheer, president of J. Scheer & Co., in Rhinebeck, New York, which cleans and preserves couture wedding gowns. "The residue can turn into a stain when the dress is cleaned." Scheer says to apply perfume about one hour before you dress in order for it to dry. If you need to touch up later, wrap a towel around your neck and shoulders to protect your dress from the perfume spray. Better yet, bring a purse-size flacon of your scent to dab onto your pulse points..."

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  • Elegant Bride
    Spring 2000

    Preserving the Dress of a Lifetime

    "...J. Scheer & Co. specializes in conservation cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns as well as other fine apparel. Company President, Jonathan Scheer, has a background in textile chemistry, bringing unique skills to an industry whose task he describes as "much more demanding than dry cleaning." He recommends that brides investigate their cleaners or preservationists by asking their professional affiliations as well as for a contact list of previous clients..."

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  • Brides
    August/September 1999

    To Preserve Your Gown, Spring for a Specialist

    "...Cleaning is only one component of dress care, explains Jonathan Scheer of J. Scheer & Co., a fine-apparel preservationist in Rhinebeck, New York. Conservation is the other, and it is the trickier of the two. "The hardest part of this job is the investigative work prior to cleaning." Preservationists run tests to determine the resiliency of fibers to different types of solvents. They test the impact of steam - will it melt beads or sequins? They examine the integrity of the fabric: Are seams damaged? Is that barely there stain courtesy of water or white wine?..."

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  • Modern Bride
    August/September 1999

    "What steps should I take to preserve my gown? I want to make sure mine stays in good shape? Send it to a cleaner that specializes in dress preservation a few weeks after the wedding. You'll want to wait that long so you have time to thoroughly inspect the dress and discover stains that only become apparent after aging. Point out everything you find to the dry cleaner - body oils, a few drops of champagne or a smudge of frosting could permanently mar your dress. Check out potential cleaners with the Better Business Bureau and ask a lot of questions - you don't want to lose your dress to the ravages of bad dry cleaning. (If you've spent a lot of money on your dress, you might want to splurge on one of the museum-quality preservation companies, such as J. Scheer & Co., 800/448-7291, who guarantee that the dress will last a lifetime.)"

  • Wedding Dresses Magazine
    Fall/Winter 1999

    "...J. Scheer & Co. provides the best quality dress preservation possible. Each gown is analyzed for invisible stains with light tests and fiber samples are taken from each fabric to determine the most appropriate level of treatment to preserve your gown for a lifetime. After preservation, brides are provided with a treatment summary and the dress may even be taken out of the box for years to come. J. Scheer's process is guaranteed for 50 years..."