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Wedding Day Tips to Protect Your Gown

  1. If you spill something on your gown, don't panic.

  2. Beware: Removing stains from your wedding gown can be tricky business! Water or prepared “stain removers” can leave a mark or irreparably damage the fabric if used improperly.

  3. For watermarks, softly blot and dry with a clean white towel. If possible, you can lightly press with a hand iron when dry.

  4. For makeup, lipstick or any oily spillage, lightly coat the stain with cornstarch or baby powder to absorb the oil. Do not rub the area! Wait 15 minutes and gently remove excess powder from fabric. This technique will both mask unsightly spots and prepare the area for professional care after the ceremony.

  5. Surprisingly, for minor blood stains the best remedy is to apply your own saliva to the spot with a dampened q-tip. The enzymes will safely break down the stain. Blot to dry.

  6. Remember to pack a small emergency kit to be carried by you or a bridesmaid at all times. Important items to include: safety pins, needle and thread, baby powder or corn starch, q-tips and clean dry white towelettes.

  7. Enjoy your gown, your wedding day and the beautiful feeling of being a bride!

Why You Should Have Your Gown Professionally Cleaned and Preserved

The decision to clean and preserve your wedding gown is an important one. Whether you intend for your gown to be a family heirloom or expect to wear it again yourself one day, an understanding of the delicate nature of your special garment may help in making this decision. In normal wearing, skin oils and perspiration are absorbed into the fabric. It is possible that white wine, champagne or sugary foods may have spilled on your gown. These organic compounds will damage the delicate fabric if not neutralized or removed. We believe it is important to consider having your gown professionally cleaned before long term storage. In addition to cleaning, proper storage is vital to the long term safety of your gown. Scientific studies have shown that archival materials can protect delicate fabric from age and decay. In order to mitigate the risk of mold or mildew attacking the delicate fibers of your gown we strongly advise against having your gown vacuum-sealed. You should insist that your gown be wrapped in acid free fibers and placed in a permanently acid free textile storage box.

Call J. Scheer & Co. wedding gown preservationists at 800-448-7291 to find out more about our services and for a risk free, complimentary consultation before entrusting your dress to a local dry cleaner.